Pandora Collection

PANDORA is a range of radiators constructed almost entirely with glass and aluminium, available for the hydraulic or all-electric operation..

PANDORA radiators are designed and conceived using the most advanced technology.
Warm up the environment for irradiation of the heating elements, through a long wave infrared system very similar to the rays emitted by the sun.

Respect for the environment, a fundamental value, is guaranteed by the high degree of technical innovation that allows the radiator to keep to a minimum the temperature of its surface and locks automatically upon the occurrence of any sudden temperature changes within the environment.
PANDORA radiators, in electric version, have the Open function that allows the radiator to detect a sudden drop in the room temperature and, consequently, shut down for thirty minutes.

PANDORA radiators, in the electric version, have a control board new-generation touch-screen, and come standard with a remote control with LCD display for the daily and weekly programming of custom temperature.

PANDORA radiators are made in tempered glass, in compliance with EU Standard UNI 12600 1B1.
In the electric version they are fitted with class 2 resistors with IP55 protection for installation even in humid environments such as bathrooms, swimming pools and saunas.